For men looking to remove unwanted hair on their necks, chest, and back, daily shaving is typically considered the practical answer. But laser hair removal for men can deliver permanently smooth skin without the irritation and constant maintenance of shaving or even waxing.

Avoid the Constant Neck Sculpting

If you have a beard, or like a sculpted stubble look–managing the hair on your neck is a daily event. Maintaining clean lines with a razor is tricky with limited sight lines, skin folds, and multiple angles. Laser hair removal can deliver maintenance-free sculpted lines–keeping the neck clear of hair. 

Banish Back Hair

If the hair on your upper or lower back makes you self-conscious, shaving it can be challenging. There are many areas you can’t reach with a razor, and asking someone else to help may not be an option. With laser hair removal sessions, you don’t have to worry about shaving your back hair again. 

Keep Your Chest Smooth

For men who prefer to have a hair-free chest or stomach, using a razor means shaving your chest almost every day. It’s often hard to get a close shave on the chest/abdomen and to neatly style where you start and stop. 

When you turn to laser hair removal for men, you can choose exactly how much of your chest or stomach hair you want to remove. Laser hair removal treatments allow you to get the exact degree of chest hair you want. 

Turn to the Experts for Laser Hair Removal

If unwanted body hair is frustrating, hard to maintain, or impacting your confidence, turn to BodyLase® Med Spa in Raleigh or Cary for laser hair removal for men. Our state-of-the-art lasers allow us to treat any skin tone and we’ll customize a treatment package to deliver the results you want. And the BodyLase guarantee means that after you finish your laser hair removal package, any future touch-ups (typically 1 every 12-18 months) are 50% off for life! With treatments that cater to your needs and provide quality results, you can ditch the razor and trust the Bodylase team to help you look your best. Learn more about the treatments you can expect.