Are your facial features losing the battle against gravity? Or is weight gain causing all your fat to pool under your chin? For you, there is SmartLipo! This simple fat-removal procedure helps you subtly beautify your chin and neck, redefine your jawline, and rejuvenate your profile.

SmartLipo is a better way to reduce fat in your lower face and neck. Unlike traditional liposuction, SmartLipo encourages your skin to tighten after the procedure. This means that with one procedure, you can decrease the fat while also encouraging your skin to naturally lift and hug the newly sculpted area. No second procedure required. SmartLipo is the most discreet and simple way to remove that double chin.

Preparing for SmartLipo

For many the stress of a beauty procedure isn’t just about the procedure, but how it interferes with the rest of your life. With SmartLipo, there’s no need to reshuffle your entire life for a serious surgical procedure. This procedure targets small problem areas—so only localized anesthesia is needed. That means no general anesthetics and no hospital admissions. No need to find a babysitter and no need to find a long-term post-op caretaker. No need to take weeks off work. And certainly no need to fib about going on a fabricated vacation.

SmartLipo allows you to remove the fat that time has deposited into your face with a procedure that can run as short as 45 minutes.

The SmartLipo Procedure

BodyLase’s SmartLipo results are natural as our surgeon Dr. Karl Schwarz focuses on sculpting your face with the care of artist. The tiny laser, inserted through a small incision, molds and edits your problem areas so that your overall look becomes harmonized and more youthful. For more about the procedure, watch our SmartLipo video featuring Dr. Karl Schwarz himself.

After SmartLipo

The industry loves to say that beauty comes at a price. But you’ll be happy to learn that the sacrifice you make with SmartLipo isn’t much. Unlike facelifts and traditional liposuction, SmartLipo gives you natural-looking results without a debilitating recovery process.

There is little to no scarring and no stitches are required as only a small incision is needed. Also there is less bruising and swelling as the procedure itself actually encourages your body to heal faster. The average downtime is about 2-4 days.

During recovery, minor bruising clears within a few days and for some even within hours. Swelling usually dissipates within one week. After the swelling clears, your skin begins to tighten and the newly created collagen begins to fully take effect. This is when your natural results begin to shine.

With traditional liposuction or a facelift, your face would need weeks or even months to heal. During this time you’d be swollen, bruised, riddled with pain and restricted in activity. Now with SmartLipo, you can enjoy a faster recovery period with far less pain. Many patients can return to work after a few days after a procedure.

Discreet Rejuvenation

SmartLipo is a great option for removing lower facial fat. It can help you regain your natural beauty without the lengthy downtime and painful recovery. To further assist you in rejuvenating your face with the most discreet procedure, our BodyLase spa has a back door exit! We can help you keep the secret to your newfound radiance. After all, no one ever has to know.