So you’ve tried all the diets of yore and eaten all the super foods of health lore. But nothing you do tackles those pesky pockets of stubborn fat. You’ve combined aerobic exercise with toning circuits. You’ve even cut fried foods and chocolate out of your diet. But nothing—you feel that absolutely nothing in this world—will reduce that one little region of fat. Not all hope is lost, hun, believe me. Because there is an answer.

Your turkey waddle, your bat wings, your kangaroo pouch, your saddle bags, your cankles, your thunder thighs, your muffin tops, and your flabby knees. Whatever random pouch of chub that has taunted you your whole life can now be a thing of the past with just one 45-minute session.

More effective than non-invasive treatments and better than other invasive treatments, SmartLipo delivers visible results in just one session.

The process is gentle. Local anesthesia is administered. A small incision is made at the target site. A small tube sized about 1-2 mm in diameter is inserted into the region. The precision of this procedure makes it perfect for small regions like the chin or upper arms. The attached laser fiber gently radiates heat that melts fat cells, closes blood vessels, and stimulates collagen production. The small tube aspirates the fat just as it’s melted. All the above ensures that downtime is minimal and that the sculpting process is accurate. In the end you enjoy a sleeker, smoother shape that streamlines your body’s natural form.

So what does this all mean? How is this different from other invasive fat-reducing procedures? Well, for starters everything occurs in one single step and with tiny incisions. This means that this procedure puts less stress on your body during recovery. After the procedure, SmartLipo patients can return to their regular routines after a day or two — unlike traditional liposuction patients who suffer the ordeal of a long recovery period of many weeks and sometimes months.

During a SmartLipo procedure, fat is aspirated through the slender cannula as it is literally melted away by the laser. This key step minimizes the stress placed on your body’s system. In other words, because the fat is pulled out of your body, your liver doesn’t need to work overtime to filter it out.

While the laser is melting away fat, the heat from the laser simultaneously cauterizes local blood vessels. This step actually reduces the amount of bleeding, bruising and swelling that would occur during the recovery period. As a result your healing time is reduced with SmartLipo. And this means you get to enjoy your results sooner.

The little laser that’s inserted deep into the subcutaneous layer also reawakens local collagen cells. As a result, SmartLipo patients experience an increase in collagen production. So what does this actually mean? This means no loose skin. After other fat-reducing procedures like liposuction, many patients deal with the woes of excess skin—loose, flabby, unsightly. The is not what you’d want after undergoing a procedure for a sleeker, slimmer body. Sadly, the only option for those individuals is a procedure for excess skin removal. Luckily with SmartLipo none of this is needed. Thanks to laser stimulation, as the fat cells are reduced, the surrounding skin will tighten and conform to the new shape.

Long-lasting fat removal* is another great aspect of SmartLipo. Once the fat cells in your targeted region are obliterated, fat will not return to this spot. If you were to ever gain weight again in the future, the fat will accumulate elsewhere.

At BodyLase our resident plastic surgeon performs all SmartLipo procedures. Renowned for his great sculpting, Dr. Karl Schwarz always carefully studies each individual to create a trim new look that works just for you.

Patients who garner the best results from SmartLipo are those who are in great health and exercise regularly. Candidates are typically within 25 pounds of their ideal weight. SmartLipo successfully targets those small local fat deposits that are resistant to a healthy diet and exercise.

To find out more about SmartLipo, call us to schedule a consultation in Raleigh and Cary today.