People work hard to have a shapely body all summer, but many get stuck with a few stubborn areas that just won’t budge no matter how many repetitions they do.  And now with the winter holidays coming up, everyone wants to look their best for company events, parties, and family reunions.  So what can a person do?  CoolSculpting Elite is the answer.

It takes time to trim the fat and have a fit body, but men and women can both benefit from CoolSculpting Elite, a special treatment that eliminates fat cells.  CoolSculpting Elite is a non-invasive treatment that freezes the fat cells, killing them, and then your natural body systems do the rest. Sounds simple, right?

Although simple this treatment is very scientific.  A high-tech device developed by Harvard scientists targets the fat cells beneath the surface of the skin.  The freezing technique targets only the fat cells, leaving healthy skin tissue unaffected. Once frozen the fat cells die and absorbed into the body.  After the treatment (which takes about one hour) normal activities are resumed immediately.  No downtime.

CoolSculpting Elite is a safe treatment first approved by the FDA in 2010.  This treatment does not give overnight results.  Optimal results appear in 4-6 weeks. Several sessions are usually required, but that depends on the number of treated areas and the body’s response to the treatment.

Some people report a slight discomfort during the treatment, but no general/topical anesthesia or pain medication is required.   Some experience redness or slight swelling after the treatment, but this disappears within a few hours.  No pain medications are needed following the treatment.

If the goal is to look great in a brand new holiday outfit, whether it’s a dress, gown, or suit, now is the time to start a CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan. In several weeks’ time, there will be noticeable results – treated regions will be nicely smooth and toned down.

Call today to book a consultation with one of our four expert CoolSculpting Elite technicians.  They’ll assist you in setting up a CoolSculpting Elite treatment plan that works right for you.  Contact BodyLase® at 919-954-2288 (Raleigh) or 919-851-8989 (Cary).