We know men will always be men. But we also know that he might want a little help getting in touch with his soft side. His soft, freshly-shaven side that is.

Most men probably have been shaving since the dawn of time. In fact, he could pretty much pass as the leading expert of all things razor-related. However, since we’ve invested so much time thinking about skin rejuvenation, we might be able to offer some really unconventional shaving tips that could make a big difference in your guy’s morning routine. We promise you’ll be thanking us later.

Guy-Worthy Scrub

Here’s a tip you may have never heard. To get a closer shave you could exfoliate! Yes, that’s right, scrubbing isn’t just for girls. So encourage him to bust out that peach kernel scrub or sugar scrub, and get polishing! Sweet fruity toiletries not up his alley, you say? We thought so. Then grab him a Clarisonic, the newest skin rejuvenation gadget.

Clarisonic brushes are used to remove dead skin cells and smooth the surface of your skin. They also help in working the cleanser go deeper into your skin, giving you a cleaner kind of clean. He can even use the Clarisonic to work shaving cream or gel into his beard. A recent study demonstrates that 81% of men using Clarisonic enjoy a close smooth shave with less irritation and no rashes or razor bumps. Tell him to try it out. He’ll see when shaving after a Clarisonic scrub, his razor will actually glide across his chin and neck. No more tugging and pulling. He can now say goodbye to redness, bumps and ingrown hairs!

Tone More Than Just Muscles

Research demonstrates that men have oilier skin than women. This mean his pores are more prone to get clogged up than yours, his skin’s surface will be riddled with dirt and dead skin cells, and his beard hairs are more likely to become stuck under his skin. Enhancing your man’s nightly cleansing routine with a toner can help him eliminate these problems. Toners are designed to reduce the stubborn natural oily residue that builds up on your face throughout the day.

After washing his face in the evening, he can pat his skin dry. A few drops of toner can be swiped across his face. This added step will reduce pore sizes and pull away the naughty residue that’s the cause of bumps and ingrown hairs. And though we’re focusing on helping you get a closer shave, here’s a top toner tip that’ll be worth sharing with your guy: be sure to hit the oily areas across the forehead, nose and chin.

Blast In-Grown Hairs Goodbye

Laser hair removal isn’t for women only anymore! Long, long ago, women once dealt with the insufferable waxing strips, hot gooey tubs of wax, and the pain that resulted from the dangerously quick yank. Once laser hair removal emerged as a solution to the hairy woes, many women have never looked back. Guys, it’s now your time.

That’s right, Laser Hair Removal is now FDA-approved especially for pseuo-folliculitis barbae. In other words guys can do away with ingrown hairs with this fast, painless treatment.

He can forget the painful bumps and red spots that results from the razor. It’s high time he also enjoyed some relief from the daily ritual of cutting it close. Just imagine: no more sore and tender skin, no more trialing a bazillion aftershaves to find the right kind of soothing relief, no more scrambling to hide those red razor bumps. Laser hair removal will help him do away with the shaving pain once and for all.