The average person may be shocked to discover that there are ways to tighten sagging skin. There once was a time when those with skin elasticity issues only had one choice – plastic surgery. Today, science tells us there’s a whole host of things that can be done to improve elasticity without surgery. Gone are the days when you had to go under the knife to look your best. It’s only a matter of taking good care of yourself and your skin.

Eat Right

You may be surprised to learn that your diet has a significant impact on skin health. Those who have poor diets tend to appear much older than their age.

Eating fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C is necessary for healthy skin. The body uses vitamin C to turn lysine and proline into collagen. Collagen keeps the skin plump and smooth. Lysine and proline can also be found in egg whites, lean meat, and wheat germ. Eating these foods can have an impact on not only the elasticity of your skin, but it’s overall appearance.

Skin Creams/Serums

Antioxidants play a crucial role in keeping the skin looking youthful and prevent sagging. The body requires an increase in antioxidants as it ages to counteract the aging process. Applying creams to the skin can have a positive impact, but the type and quality of the products are essential.

Always use high-quality products that feed and nourish the skin. SkinMedica TNS Essential Serum is a cream that rejuvenates the skin by hydrating and firming it. This serum improves the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven tone, rough texture, and large pores. The serum includes peptides to strengthen the skin, antioxidants to neutralize free-radicals, alpha-arbutin to diminish discoloration, and hyaluronic acid hydrates to bind moisture to the skin. The results are youthful, glowing, tight skin in less than three months.

Take Charge of the Aging Process

You don’t have to settle for nature taking its course. The first step is eating right. The second is making sure you have the right skin care products. If you’ve noticed in the mirror that something isn’t right and at times you feel like a different person, you don’t have to suffer anymore. Do something about it today.

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