Nobody likes the thought of unwanted body hair during the summer. The season calls for smooth, hairless skin. In the past, the only options for quick hair removal at home were shaving, waxing, and other depilatories. These treatments can cause cuts, razor burns, hair stubble, and ingrown hairs, all of which are painful. Today, Laser Hair Removal is a recommended better alternative.

Laser Hair Removal is a process where lasers are used to penetrate the skin and destroy the hair follicles to inhibit the growth of hair. It is performed over a series of treatments, and after about 6 treatments, spaced about months apart, the hair in the treated area is significantly reduced. Laser Hair Removal works best for people with hair that is darker than their skin. Since the laser targets the melanin in hair follicles, laser hair removal is not effective on grey, blonde or red hair.

Receiving Laser Hair Removal in the summer is possible. However, sun protection must be applied before and after treatment. Laser hair removal treatments can be performed on tanned skin, although it is important that a 1064 nd:Yag laser be used on tanned skin. In addition, tanned skin may require additional treatments to get the desired result. Finally, freshly tanned skin should not be treated with a laser – wait 2 weeks after tanning to get laser hair removal.

Here are some tips to follow after Laser Hair Removal in the summer:

  • Avoid sun exposure after laser hair removal for two weeks prior to and after treatment.
  • Wear sun protection daily; it should be at least SPF 30-100 with active ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc.

Laser Hair Removal can be performed in the summer, but it is important to seek out a highly experienced laser hair removal center that can guide you in appropriate before and aftercare.

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