Uneven skin surface, bulging and sagging — these are common side-effects of dropping lots of fat fast, whether through gastric bypass surgery or strict dieting. But body-contouring treatments like SmartLipo can erase the ugly bumps in your curves and the unsightly sag of your skin. Don’t deal with these imperfections any longer. Uncover your perfect beach body this summer at BodyLase®.

Flab & Sag

If you’ve just shed a lot of excess weight through gastric bypass surgery or dieting, you’ve already crossed a huge hurdle. Congratulations! You’re now healthier and happier. Now there’s just one thing standing between you and the perfect you.

Still avoiding shorts this summer because of saddlebags? Steering clear of beach parties for fear of baring your sagging belly? Shunning all tank tops and summer dresses because of upper arm flab and flop? After losing lots of weight quickly, you’ll find that skin sagging and stubborn fat pouches are the undesired lingering reminders of your former self. Two simple solutions can erase those problems permanently.

Body-Contouring with SmartLipo

You’re over the moon for your newly slimmed down body. But those pouches of imperfection are resilient against change. As a result, your curves aren’t as smooth and perfect as you’d like. SmartLipo is a body-contouring laser that can get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat. Permanently.

SmartLipo’s miniscule laser and cannula are inserted to melt away and remove fat in those particularly hard-to-target, super-stubborn areas. The tool is so small and precise that results are better, more beautifully sculpted than that of traditional liposuction. On top of erasing unsightly pockets of fat, SmartLipo also results in skin retraction and tightening. So you can say goodbye to stomach pooches, saddlebag thighs, and fat wings without worrying about skin sag! You think SmartLipo sounds great already? Well, you can have your cake and it eat too because SmartLipo is far less invasive than traditional liposuction and recovery time is minimal.

Body-Contouring with Thermage

Skin has a hard time keeping up with drastic weight loss. And though you feel healthier and happier after losing lots of weight, uneven texture, looseness and sagging can make you look older. Thermage is a body-contouring treatment that targets skin laxity and poor texture.

Thermage is radiofrequency treatment that can improve the youthful appearance and tautness of your skin. Unlike laser treatments whose light waves could do damage to the surface of your skin, Thermage uses radio waves. This radiofrequency energy is sent deep into your dermal layers to stimulate production of new collagen. As a result of new collagen, your skin retracts so that it’s smoother and tighter around your body. Because Thermage uses radiofrequency energy and not light, it is safe and effective for all skintones. After one treatment, you can enjoy immediate results and continuing improvement for the following months.

So if you’ve just undergone sudden weight loss but you don’t have quite the perfect bikini body just yet, add your final touches this summer with a body contouring procedure. SmartLipo can eliminate leftover fat pockets and Thermage can tighten and firm your skin. Erase random bulges and sagging skin now! Contact us to book your consultation in Raleigh and Cary today.