Still relishing the memories of summer fun? Ah, those lingering hours of light, those relaxing poolside afternoons! Ok, so you had your summer fun, but now you’re paying the price. Skin and hair get damaged by sun, salty seas, and heat. Find out how to easily reverse the collateral damage of summertime fun.

Soften Sun-Damaged Hair

A sun-kissed look is what you were going for. Because sunny highlights and ombre fades are all the rage, you thought a little sun could give you that golden look au naturale. But little did you know that the after effects of beach-tousled hair are not so rosy.

While salt dries out your hair, harmful sun rays can actually damage your strands deep down to the core.

Make amends by using leave-in conditioners or silicone-infused hair mask which can repair hair damage and revitalize your tresses.

Nip It In The Bud

So you’re a sun worshipper. Though you know too much sun can be bad, you still need that sporty tan and you constantly crave that vitamin D kick. Then when those sun-kissed freckles start looking more like sunspots, you start to panic.

So how do you manage the damage of tomato-red sunburns, sunspots, and other such woes of overexposure?

Protect yourself during sun-time! While the dog-gone days of summer are long gone, the sun’s still sticking around. So next time you find yourself gearing up for a day of prolonged sun exposure (chilly weather or not), slather on some moisturizers with UVA and UVB protection. By protecting skin, you can enjoy the benefits of the sunlight without the beauty woes.

Facials Heal All Wounds

They used to say time did the trick. But let’s be honest—when it comes to your face, time these days does nothing but compound the sun-damage of yesteryear. Time and sun are in cahoots and it’s nothing but bad news.

Wrinkles, dryness, sun spots, and free radicals. How do you stop the overwhelming accumulation of sun damage in its tracks? The writing’s on the spa wall, ladies. And it says, facial peel.

Facial peels take off the upper layers of skin cells, allowing for repair and the formation of younger skin cells. Combat the troublesome duo of sun and time with a BodyLase® Skin Peels. Or if facial peels don’t appeal, try a different tack with BodyLase® PhotoFacial—a light-based treatment which delivers similar skin rejuvenation results minus the peeling action.

Boost Your Moisturizer

Dryness is just about the worst beauty crime. Lipstick on chapped lips, foundation over flaky skin. The list of horrors can go on. But no one wants to be convicted of this beauty misdemeanor just because of a little summer fun.

Over time the sun does its duty—damaging your cells’ ability to retain moisture. So reverse the drying effects of sun by pumping some more moisture into your daily routine.

Go for a moisturizer fortified with vitamins and minerals to maximize your skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Vitamin C and E are both great antioxidizing ingredients that reduce the drying, wrinkle-causing damage of free radicals, while minerals give your skin cells the elements needed to repair and hydrate.

SkinSelect MD Honey and Soy Crème is a great moisturizer rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which all work together to enhance the moisture-binding ability of your skin. Alternatively try out a moisture-boosting facial like BodyLase® UltraHydrating Facial or BodyLase® Anti-Aging Vitamin C Firming Facial.

To find out more top tips on how to reverse sun damage, ask our experts at BodyLase®.