Candy hearts | bodylase®When it comes to Valentine’s Day everyone does it her own way. Getting out of town for a romantic weekend getaway. Saying ‘I love you’ over a delicious dinner out. Doing something completely alternative like an extreme sports class. Or making the most out of the occasion by spending quality time with your lovable children or friends!

Whatever you’ve got down for your V-Day plans, here are 3 easy ways to primp for romance or prep for some fun.

Woman getting a spa facial treatment | bodylase®

Romantic Opportunity

Look immaculate for your Valentine’s dinner. Lavish dinner out or romantic dinner in—whatever the setting, your looks will help set the mood. No need to stress over scheduling various appointments all across town. Simply get the whole primping deal done and dusted at BodyLase®.

In one call, schedule it all in! Go sleek by getting an eyebrow wax. Pamper with a wonder-working facial perfectly tailored to your skin’s type and needs. Extend those lashes for the ultimate wow-effect with Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions. And finally get rid of unwanted hair without any tweezing and waxing. BodyLase®’s Laser Hair Removal Treatment will make it go away for good! To find out which Laser Hair Procedure will work best for you, check out our Laser Hair Removal page.

Woman getting a hot stone massage | bodylase®

Little Indulgences

For some, Valentine’s Day is a time for self-appreciation. So go ahead, give yourself a big hug and pat on the back for all the hard work you’ve put into your nine-to-five and family life. To show yourself a little extra TLC, simply take a little me-time and go stress-free with a relaxing massage.

At home, ask your loving partner to whip out the essential oils and put in a little elbow grease in your wellbeing. Or visit BodyLase® for a relaxing session of massage therapy.

This February BodyLase® is offering a Hot Stone Massage Special (originally priced at $95) for the cost of a regular massage at $75. Call now to schedule your moment of zen this month.


If romance isn’t in the cards this season, you can choose to celebrate Woman at a cocktail party | bodylase®your love for the other special people in your life: those pals you just can’t live without! And what better time to celebrate friendship than a day that’s filled with dresses, chocolate, and bubbly! Sure sounds like the makings of a fun girls’ night, if you ask us.

Kick off the extravaganza with a girlie spa day. Book facials and massages on the same day to get ready for a fun night out! And as a bonus, February is BodyLase®’s Double Referral Month. Refer a friend to BodyLase® and get a $50 gift certificate, double the value of the usual $25 gift certificate!

Call early to book in all your facials and massages. And don’t forget to mention if you plan on bringing a friend or two!