QWO® Cellulite Treatment in Raleigh and Cary

The dimpling and uneven skin caused by cellulite are something we can all live without. Unfortunately, this problem is quite common, affecting 9 out of 10 women especially those struggling with excess fat. However cellulite isn’t your fault, it’s just a natural part of women’s biology. In the past, home remedies and over-the-counter serums were futile in addressing this issue. Thankfully, the answer is finally here; QWO® cellulite treatment, a first of its kind. This treatment goes to work almost immediately, dissolving fibrous septae and improving the appearance of your skin. To learn more and experience this treatment firsthand, schedule an appointment at one of our North Carolina medspas today.


What Is QWO® Cellulite Treatment?

While diet and exercise are essential for weight loss, getting rid of cellulite is an entirely different issue. The dimpled skin that develops due to this problem can be tricky to deal with. The QWO® injectable cellulite treatment is the first FDA-approved injectable to address moderate-to-severe cellulite in the buttocks of adult women. QWO® injectable treatments are composed of clostridium histolyticum-aaes, a compound that has been shown to significantly improve the appearance of cellulite. Best of all, this treatment is well-tolerated and requires little, if any, downtime after injection.

How Does QWO® Work?

If you’ve tried improving your diet and exercise but still struggle with embarrassing cellulite on your buttocks, you’re not alone. Studies show that as much as 90% of adult women experience some degree of cellulite in their lower body, regardless of their age, race, and weight. When QWO® is injected into the problem area, it goes to work by dissolving fibrous septae that are drawing the skin down to the deeper tissue. As the septae is dissolved, a de-tethering effect begins, allowing the skin to float up and away from the deeper tissues and have a much smoother appearance.

What Can I Expect From the Results?

There has never been a treatment to actually address the cause of cellulite, until now. For years we have tried products and treatments that were meant to simply improve the appearance of cellulite but now we can permanently eliminate it in the treated area. QWO® is designed to be administered in three treatment sessions, spaced 21 days apart. The most common side effects of this treatment are bruising, soreness and warmth in the treatment area.

How Much Does QWO® Cost?

At BodyLase®, we create an individualized treatment plan with custom pricing to address your specific needs. Schedule your complimentary consultation with one of our dedicated treatment consultants today!

Before and After Photos

QWO® Injections for Cellulite in Raleigh and Cary

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