The impending season of thanks and harvest brings the inevitable: back-to-back get-togethers, merriment and feasts. Sure, you want to look fine and fab in your festive number. But how can you pull it off when hearty soirees, one right after another, try to take their toll? We’ve learned it’s definitely not about cutting the fun out of the festive. So here’s how you can master the holiday craze.

Woman working out on a treadmill | bodylase®


Aiming to look svelte and sexy in your sparkling ensemble? Set up a healthy routine before the grazing games begins.

Hectic moderns lives are, truth be told, predominantly sedentary. A demanding career and equally demanding kids can make it difficult to maintain any level of normalcy. Whether it’s late working hours or after-school errands, there’s always something that throws a twist into your step routine.

Jump this hurdle by taking a look at your weekly schedule and discovering new ways to fit in a work out. Afternoons are too busy for you? Get creative. Wake up 15 minutes earlier to fit in a quick run, do mini-exercises while sitting at your work desk, fit in a round of yoga before bed. Interferes with reading time, you say? Grab that new read on an audio book! Your happily toned post-Thanksgiving self will thank you.

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Holiday blitz brings a lot of stress. So the perfect way to look great and feel great is to unwind before the wind-up.

Find your moment of peace with a spot of meditation and mental relaxation. During a quiet morning coffee, while lounging in a slow luxuriant bath, in the middle of a Pilates stretch, throughout an entire long walk—there’s always time to fit this in. Loosen your tension, release your stress, and focus on what keeps you motivated, happy and optimistic. As you concentrate on positivity, you’ll help hinder your body’s production of cortisol, a hormone produced under chronic stress which significantly contributes to aging and wrinkles.

Center yourself and your positivity will radiate this Thanksgiving.


It’s easy to overeat and eat wrong when luscious treats lurk on every party table. To prepare for days of never-ending homemade fare, set up good eating habits now. Simply monitor your portions and keep track of your nutritional intake. Healthy patterns established today will see you into your party dress and through the November nosh.

So despite an indulgent slice pumpkin pie or two, you’ll still get it right with the requisite blast of veggies and fruits.

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If you’ve got it, flaunt it—that’s our holiday motto. So get ready to shimmy in your sexy seasonal outfit.

At times no matter how much we exercise and eat nutritiously, our healthy routine can’t seem to penetrate those stubborn areas. Your tummy, your back, your hips, your upper arms—whatever the small area, it’s an important part of your picture-perfect look.