Every year when the warm weather comes around, you face the body hair dilemma: shave or wax? Waxing treatments are painful, and shaving is a cumbersome task that lasts only a day or so.

Worrying about body hair is not pleasant, especially when it gets in the way of summer fun. If you have been considering laser hair removal and want to try it out so you can be hair-free this summer, do not delay!

Here is why you should start laser hair removal treatment now if you want to be hair-free for the summer season.

Scheduling Multiple Laser Hair Removal Sessions

Laser hair removal targets the hair’s color, or pigment, directly in the hair follicle. A medical-grade laser sends concentrated heat into the hair follicles to eliminate pigment comfortably and safely. This is a safe and effective treatment for all skin types and shades.

Laser hair removal requires several sessions because only a certain amount of hair is in the follicle at any given time. In order for laser hair removal to succeed, our BodyLase skincare professionals target the hair pigment during the hair’s active phase.

Your hair oscillates between resting and active phases every four to eight weeks, which is why laser hair removal sessions are spread apart and take time.

On average, laser hair removal takes anywhere from two to six sessions. So if you were to schedule your first appointment at the beginning of February and your sessions were on a six-week rotation, it would be the beginning of June by the time you have your third session and see noticeable results.

And because laser hair removal is permanent–you’ll be smooth and stubble-free long after summer is gone!

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment but takes time and planning. This is why you should get started immediately.

Giving Yourself Time to Recover

Laser hair removal is a safe, comfortable treatment, but it does require a level of downtime. Since your skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight when receiving laser hair removal treatment, getting treatment during the colder months is an effective way to get smooth skin before summer and protect your skin from the summer sun.

Even if it is winter and there is not much sunlight, you should always incorporate SPF into your daily routine. Using SPF will not only add an extra layer of protection for your skin while getting laser hair removal but will also help preserve the health of your skin overall.

Learn More About Laser Hair Removal

After initial treatment, you may need 1-2 maintenance visits a year. The good news? We offer 50% off touch-up treatments for life after you’ve finished a series of treatments in an area. A hair-free summer is possible but don’t delay!

At BodyLase® Med Spa, our laser hair specialists help countless clients in the Raleigh, NC, and Cary, NC, areas achieve smoother hair-free skin. Learn more about permanent laser hair removal here