Men and women around Raleigh starting asking us this question as soon as they heard about the newest stubborn fat removal technology: CoolSculpting Elite. Not that we can blame them, it does sound too good to be true. It isn’t.

Resistant fat or stubborn fat is fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise. Resistant fat is caused by excess levels of abnormal estrogen stored in the body.

Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone require a balancing act to maintain good health. Progesterone cancels out estrogen. When the body has too much estrogen in proportion to progesterone, “Estrogen Dominance” occurs leading to production of resistant fat.

Causes of excess level of estrogen include:

  • Abnormal overproduction of estrogen.
  • Environmental exposure to xenoestrogens.
  • Estrogens from foods we eat.
  • Phytoestrogens.
  • Liver disease.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance include:

  • Weight gain.
  • Abnormal distribution of fat (belly, hips & thighs).
  • Hypoglycemia.
  • Fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Mood swings, irritability.
  • Mental cloudiness.
  • Increased risk of breast and prostate cancer.

Tired of fatty areas that diet and exercise just aren’t fixing?

This is not a new complaint, the med spa industry has been looking for new ways to remove and reduce fatty deposits for years, and coming up with one procedure after the next, usually involving cutting open the skin and physically sucking out the fat. There would be days and days of recovery time, and the procedures are often so uncomfortable that patients asked to be put under.

So how is CoolSculpting Elite different?

CoolSculpting Elite literally freezes your fat away! This genius advancement in the weight loss sciences found a way to use our freeze-ray to freeze the fat cells and have your body dispose of them naturally. Treat your belly, your thighs, or other spots that are just too stubborn to lose. This new technology is not just a passing phase; it’s the next step in weight loss technology that means a whole new way of losing weight and body fat. Why subject yourself to painful surgery and days upon days of downtime when you can have the CoolSculpting Elite procedure today and be back to work tomorrow, with your body doing all the hard work to lose the weight while you work?

So it’s awesome, but does it hurt?

Unlike traditional liposuction, the CoolSculpting Elite method does not physically remove your fat during the procedure; patients are not put under for the procedure, and although it takes a little longer than liposuction to see the results, all of our clients have expressed their utter preference for Coolsculpting Elite.

Summer is finally here in Raleigh, and the beach is calling. Don’t be afraid to show a little skin this summer with your newly slim silhouette. When people ask how you lost so much weight in so little time, and give you tons of compliments, don’t be afraid to tell them that you visited BodyLase® and got the coolest treatment around.

CoolSculpting Elite, the coolest way to get a hot bod.