Do you pack on the glamour? Or just go with lashings of lipgloss? Whatever your beauty tactic, invest in getting the basics right. If you think there’s no treatment to suit your needs, have no fear! Because here’s a clear, crisp guide to getting the healthiest, dewiest, freshest look—no matter your timing or budget.

Pre-Party Facial: Throw In A Twinkle

Woman getting a facial
Wishing the glow from your gingerbread baking session would last long enough to light up your party outfit? Thinking in order to get that glow you’ll have to jog around the block, heels and all, before you make a party entrance? Here’s a news flash you’ll like: you can grab that glow the relaxing way.

Santa’s Gilded Gift
A single Microdermabrasion Treatment will give your skin a major reawakening. With no downtime, this treat will get you smooth and glowing. Call us to book a session of celestially-inspired radiance.

A Reined-In Treat
Don’t want to exfoliate? So go a little gentler with a facial that’s chock full of nutrients. Our Vitamin C Firming Facial features an enzyme peel rich in beta-carotene, green tea, and hydration-boosting vitamin E so you’ll eliminate the bad. Next we’ll bring on the good with an anti-oxidizing serum and mask.

Post-Party Facial: Rehab That Glow

Woman washing her face
Down-time is definitely in the cards for you this month. No time, you say? Too many shindigs to attend, you say? Well, we’ve got some stocking stuffer treats that will make a super-quick at-home facial. These perfect post-party perks will rejuvenate a lackluster complexion in no time.

Santa’s Gilded Gift
You’ve heard it here before: we’re absolutely mad about the Clarisonic Brush and Classic Skin Care System! And once you sample its magic, you’ll know what the raving madness is all about. This powerful little product offers at-home revitalizing facials. Polish, cleanse and refresh between long hours of play or work. But don’t just take our word for it, call us or get it at our online boutique.

A Reined-In Treat
Need a quick super-fix treatment after a night of revelry? Tea Gel Mask is the answer. This mask relieves puffy eyes and reduces overall swelling so you’re ready and raring for the next jubilee. To grab this wonder-working mask, come by our spas!

Mid-Party Facial: Best Intermission Ever

Woman wearing a beauty mask
Think we’re joking? Depending on your merrymaking style, this facial just might be for you. Some love to fête like their life depends on it, others love a night-in with their beloved daughters and besties. So if the sound of fuzzy socks and DIY manicures alongside a marathon of Christmas movies sound like your kind of celebration, fit these facials in. We think somewhere in between Home Alone and Elf would be perfect.

Santa’s Gilded Gift
Dewy skin in the dead of winter? They said it couldn’t be done. But a Collagen Infusion Mask makes it possible. Get moisturized, balanced, healthy skin for the holidays. Come by or call our spas to find out more about this product!

A Reined-In Treat
Go for a Facial Au Naturel by mixing up some avocados and extra virgin olive oil. The fusion results in a nutrient-rich mask for your face and hair. Or go for a buffing polish with a combination of plain yogurt, egg white, and granola or a mix of brown sugar and honey.

Remember as you chat, laugh, and mingle this Christmas, you’ll need to put your best face forward. So as you prep for the holidays—getting the house and wardrobe ready—don’t forget to throw some luster into your look.