Soon you’ll be feasting away this holiday season, indulging in yummy treats, traditional eats, and those classic homemade specials. But who would think that you could benefit from pre-feasting! By eating right before the holiday season kicks off, you’ll be able to prime and prep your skin. And just in time to show off that flawless glow. Find out what nutrients could help you smooth your complexion this winter.

Tackle Wrinkles

A number of factor play into creating those unsightly creases. And sun exposure hits the top of the list. Photodamage, often not taken so seriously in our youth, is a major factor is forming those funny furrows. So put the brakes down now by giving your body what it needs to fight of the wrinkle-causing free radicals of photodamage. Antioxidants are known to do the trick. Try substituting green tea or white tea for your morning coffee. If you need a stronger caffeine kick than a simple cup of tea, try the Japanese favorite: a full-bodied matcha tea in powder form. You’ll get that super caffeine kick that coffee offers, but the 10 times the antioxidant power of a single cup of normal green tea. Also take vitamin C and vitamin E supplements. The two together have been shown in medical research to play a part in collagen synthesis and protection against oxidative damage.

Even Out Splotchiness

Splotchiness can be genetic and it can be caused by physical factors. But did you know splotchiness can also be caused from the inside? Eating lots of sugar can cause insulin spikes, which in turn gives your skin many problems. Insulin spikes are believed to cause skin inflammations and acne in some. By avoiding sugar kicks and making your that you ingest sugar with or after a balanced meal, you could fend off that skin-damaging insulin spike. For rosacea sufferers, red splotchiness can be caused by other dietary triggers like alcohol and caffeine. Try to detect what food may cause your red splotchy skin and moderate your intake.

Reverse Acne

Like sensitive skin flare-ups, acne breakouts often have triggers too. Some common acne-triggers are high processed foods, greasy meals, and sugary snacks. To help calm your skin, repair it from the inside with healthy nutrients. Kick up your portion of veggies and steer away from the convenience of processed foods, at least until your skin clears. Try making meals wholly from the produce section—where you’ll find all the nutrients your skin needs to heal. To give it an extra boost take vitamin B5 (panthothenic acid), vitamin A, and zinc. While panthothenic acid is known for improving skin quality, vitamin A and zinc are known to calm sebum overproduction.

Heal Dry, Flaky Skin

Many women suffer from dry, flaky skin. In many cases, this could simply be genetic. In other cases, it could be caused by hormonal swings, namely estrogen drops. Estrogen drops occur right before a menstrual period, after childbirth, and throughout menopause. The estrogen drop is a big factor in breakouts and dry skin during these periods. Evening primrose oil is a natural supplement which is a rich source of gamma-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid. Clinical studies have demonstrated GLA helps stabilize hormones at key times, which can help fend off dry skin. Additionally clinical studies have demonstrated a strong link between taking evening primrose oil and an improvement in eczema dryness.