Once upon a time, you had some pins pummel pigments deep into your skin. Sadly while the image remains, your initial sentiments certainly don’t. BodyLase® has the best way to free you from your inky regrets.

Our Medlite laser, the gold standard of the tattoo removal industry, is the perfect way to polish your body canvas into a picture-free state. Now you can rid yourself of the ghosts of boyfriends past, in ink-form of course, or simply wipe away an old feathered and fading tattoo.

This advanced technology accurately targets tattoo ink in a quick and easy session that leaves zero scarring.

Introducing Medlite Laser

Haunted by your tattoo? But too disturbed by the horror stories of tattoo removals gone bad? Erase those outdated images from you mind and picture this: your beautiful skin just as radiant as it was pre-inkage.

Modern science has granted us a laser technology that is far more effective in tattoo removal that previous procedures. Unlike the pain and scarring that results from surgical excision and dermabrasion, the results from this Medlite laser have pleased thousands of tattoo removal patients.

How does tattoo removal work?

So just how does this laser blitz away once-permanent pictographs without a trace? A laser specifically calibrated to the color of your tattoo ink is applied to your skin. The laser then penetrates the skin to directly target the ink. The energy from the laser gently breaks down the ink into micro-particles. These particles are naturally filtered out of your body.

How does tattoo removal feel?

To start, our experts apply a lotion to numb the surface of your skin. As the laser zaps away your old unwanted ink, you’ll feel a light rubberband-type snap followed by the sensation of warmth. Many patients say that the experience is much like getting the original tattoo. Now there’s a way to relive some old memories!

What happens after a tattoo removal session?

As the laser zaps those tattoo pigments, your skin is temporarily whitened. After the procedure, some of the particles rise to the surface and are expelled through the skin in the form of a scab. Most of the pigment, however, is simply filtered out of your body naturally.

What kinds of tattoos can be removed?

The Medlite laser features specially calibrated wavelengths—each targets a specific pigment. This means a variety of tattoo colors can be obliterated with our tattoo removal sessions. However the simpler the tattoo, the easier it is to remove. With more complex ink-jobs, more than the typical 6 tattoo removal sessions might be required.