Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure at BodyLase

Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure at BodyLase® after 4 Treatments

After 4 treatments for Laser Tattoo Removal.

Want to know which tattoo’s are the easiest to remove?

Black tattoos are the easiest to treat. Other colors such as red, blues, greens can become more difficult to treat depending if the tattoos were amateur or professionally done.

However, recent advances in tattoo removal techniques and laser technology allows us to remove most colors of tattoo inks. There are even lasers which are considered safe for removing tattoos on patients with darker skin types.

Lasers used for laser tattoo removal work by targeting specific pigments within the tattoo, breaking them up, and allowing the body to absorb them. Just like how sunlight is attracted to darker pigments (like when you wear a black shirt on a hot day), lasers can most easily eliminate darker pigments like black and blue because they typically contrast with skin more.

Lighter colors or colors that mimic the skin’s natural pigment are more difficult to remove because the laser light has difficulty distinguishing the tattoo’s pigment from the surrounding skin color. The same is true for individuals with darker skin tones and similarly pigmented tattoos. Other pigments, like green, absorb only specific waves of laser light and need to be treated with specific lasers. Multicolored tattoos are the hardest to remove because their pigments are often more concentrated and are placed deeper within the skin.