Broken Capillaries

The good news is broken capillaries are not a sign of a medical condition. However, the bad news is that they are still unpleasant to deal with and may make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. These unsightly red or blue lines form when too much pressure is put on certain parts of our bodies. When that pressure builds up, these veins become prominent and visible. If you have visible veins on your face, our treatments may be right for you. At BodyLase®, we provide a range of treatment options designed to leave your skin feeling restored and rejuvenated.


Why Do Broken Capillaries Occur?

Broken capillaries tend to form when too much pressure is put on certain parts of your body. These twisted veins invade our skin particularly as we get older, appearing unpleasant and sometimes being accompanied by discomfort as well. If you are struggling with broken capillaries on the face, you may be familiar with frequent bouts of itching and irritation. Luckily, we’re here to help ease your burden.

Effective Treatments for Broken Capillaries

At BodyLase®, we offer several methods for dealing with unsightly veins. Our laser vein therapy treatment, for example, offers rapid relief through the use of targeted laser technology. During this treatment, pulses of energy target and eliminate broken capillaries, which are later simply absorbed by your body. Blood flow is then naturally redirected to hidden veins deeper below your skin. Along with this method, we also offer laser facials and IPL Photofacial treatments to give you the best possible results.

Treating Broken Capillaries in North Carolina

Broken capillaries can be troubling, but non-invasive treatments are available here in our North Carolina medspas. If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your skin, we welcome you to get in touch with us today. To get started, call our Raleigh MedSpa office at (919) 954-2288 or book at our Cary MedSpa office by calling (919) 851-8989. You can also schedule online by filling out the appointment form below.