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Wedding Series: Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal, tattoo removalYou’ve got a dilemma.  You’re getting married and the wedding dress you have selected is strapless, but you have a tattoo with your ex-boyfriend’s name on your shoulder.  You want to start your new life without a reminder of the old so you’ve decided you want this tattoo removed before the wedding day.  How long will the tattoo removal take?  What exactly is laser tattoo removal? How long before the wedding should you start the process?

Removing a homemade tattoo will require between one and four sessions.  While a professionally made tattoo will take between five and ten sessions.  There’ll be a wait of six to eight weeks in between each session.  This is how long it takes your skin to heal after each treatment (which is something you should keep in mind about your last session).  This is especially important if the wedding dress you have selected exposes the skin where the tattoo is to be removed..  It’ll take six to eight weeks after the last session to be healed enough for your big day.

You should give yourself six to twelve months to complete the tattoo removal process for your wedding.  This seems like a long time.  But, the tattoo removal process is slow.  Single color black tattoos are easiest to remove while multicolor tattoos will take longer.  Certain colors such as reds and greens are more difficult to remove.

How does laser tattoo removal work?  Let’s simplify it a bit.  A tattoo consists of thousands of particles of tattoo pigment.  Laser treatment causes the particles to heat up and fragment.  These fragments are processed by the body.  The process doesn’t take overnight.  The body will process these fragments slowly over time.  This is why each session must be six to eight weeks apart – otherwise the body wouldn’t have time to remove the pigments from the skin.

What does this mean for your big wedding day?  Here’s how you should plan it – ask how many sessions you’re going to need then multiply that by at least six.  You’ll need at least six weeks to heal from each session.  Then add another six weeks to your final total.  You’ll need at least six weeks to heal from your last session and the skin to look clear and smooth.   This isn’t exactly what you want to hear if your big day is fast approaching.  The good news is that you can get your tattoo removed.  It’ll just take a little planning to get the timing right.

Don’t put off getting your tattoo removed.  Each session gets you closer to your final goal  which is being the beautiful bride you’ve always wanted to be.