The pitter-patter of feet on the morning of the big day. The warmth of goodbye kisses from each of your kids as they proudly bear their backpacks freshly filled with new school supplies. The smile on the face of your youngest as she hops out of the car and onto the threshold of another school year. These are the rewarding highlights that mark every parent’s September. But for all the budding promise that each back-to-school season brings, you find yourself exceptionally exhausted every year. The planning, the schedule managing, and the directing of each child, big and small—it’s a tough task.

During this busy time you risk blowing a fuse if you don’t look after yourself. Here are some key back-to-school pointers pooled from the collective parenting experience at BodyLase®. Study up, everyone!

Get Organized

The best way to fend off the craze is simply to prepare. The months leading up to this season should have found you buying school supplies or securing jazzy new school outfits for each of your kids. There are also a few things you can do once the school year starts. Save time by preparing brown bag lunches the night before. Eliminating fruit-and-veggie cutting time from your morning routine can do wonders—we promise! Create a homework center stocked with supplies. Designing a comfortable workspace encourages kids to get on with school tasks, thus releasing you from the burden of harping on about homework. Designate a special hamper for key items that need to be circulated quickly like school or sports uniforms.

Take Five

Thar she blows! It might have been cute when the kids sang this as they watched geysers spout during that epic summer trip to Yellowstone. But it’s certainly not a catch-phrase you want chirped to you during the back-to-school season. Let’s be honest, it’s a time of stress for many parents. And blowing up certainly won’t help. Taking time out for yourself allows you to re-center, re-focus, and remember why you care so much for your little ones. When you’re not so frazzled, you’ll also find you’re better prepared to manage your home and guide your kids through an awesome school year. So here’s where our next tip comes in.

Pampering is the New Mommy-Time

As the busyness of fall hits, many of us are still hanging to the last bits of summer in desperate hope. It’s our way of maintaining that sense of relaxation and inner peace. Sure you felt beautiful and tan as you frolicked about sun-dappled scenes. And sure soaking it all in felt like a good idea as you picnicked, boated, hiked, or lounged to your heart’s content. But honey, let’s face it, your skin doesn’t want to hang on to summer any longer. It, in fact, is begging you to take refuge in the shelter of shade.

Sun might have made your skin taught, dry, and maybe even little flaky. And no, it’s not just you; those wrinkles are actually a little more prominent after your time in the sun. So here’s the resolution. As the back-to-school season starts, don’t lose that sense of summer peace, but do schedule in some pampering time that’ll reverse those signs of sun damage.

Just remember to take time out and you’ll be able to tackle this new school year with success.