What Can I Expect After Sclerotherapy?

Update: BodyLase is no longer offering Sclerotherapy at this time. Please see our other Laser Vein Therapy treatments.

BodyLase Laser Vein and sclerotherapyDo you find yourself wearing pants all the time because you are self-conscious about the veins in your legs?  Would you like to wear a dress again without having to wear dark stockings?  Many women are embarrassed by unsightly blood vessels on their legs. Whether you have small, red “spider” veins or larger, visible blue veins, sclerotherapy is the simple solution.

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that reduces the unsightly appearance of blue or red veins. It works through the injection of a special solution (generally a salt solution) that results in the veins narrowing, thereby decreasing their appearance.

The injectable solution causes the vein, which no longer functions to carry blood, to collapse.  The vein then becomes scar tissue and naturally fades from view.  This straightforward and safe procedure is often done in combination with laser vein treatment.

The process takes only about thirty minutes and is relatively painless.  Since this method involves an injection, you may feel a slight stinging or cramping for approximately two minutes. There may also be some slight bruising around the treated regions, which soon heals.

After the procedure, you’ll need to provide some extra care for your legs while in the healing stages. You’ll be required to wear special compression stockings after sclerotherapy which help keep the vein walls in constant compression. These stockings aid the body in helping to break the veins down.

For 48 hours after the procedure, you should not use any over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs (Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, etc.). Tylenol is allowed.  You should also avoid hot baths, whirlpools or saunas, hot compresses and direct sunlight exposure.

The success rate for sclerotherapy is excellent – usually eliminating 50-80% of injected veins. Spider veins disappear in three to six weeks to, and larger veins take three to four months.  Once the veins disappear, they will not reappear.

Imagine how wonderful it will feel to have smooth, young-looking legs once again with no downtime.  Check out sclerotherapy by BodyLase.

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